Anyone else hate when people take your role and then play like shit?

I queue up for ranked and I ask for either mid or adc. I usually want only adc but this time I can go mid too. Mid and adc are taken by the people picking before me. Okay, that's no problem, I'm not even upset. I'll just jungle instead, no worries. ***5*** minutes into the game and mid *and* bot die *simultaneously *. You can't make this up. Orianna dies to TF and then MF and Janna both die to Vayne. How the fuck do you play as one of the tankiest adcs in the game with Janna as your support and still die to the adc with the weakest early game? The only reason we won that game was because their top Akali was afk and Lee had to take that lane instead of jungling. Don't take someones role if you're going to feed.
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