At this point i would like to eat some cake and sleep but this is an animu/waifu thread

So you tell me that today is the day I'll pass away Even though my heart is young, I will face this day with all My gratitude and my humbleness, my bravery I will open up the doors into the sky so I can ask God why Yeah i still cant get that song out of my i started playing FO4, i wonder why did i pre-order it, its a good games so far and i havent done shit tbh, played it for 12 hours, actually 3 hours played and 9 afk , im still shit at creating stuff. Ahhh Qualidea Code, first episodes where k but after that it went downhill and latest episodes characters look like holy shit, now they have changed intros, old intro was way better man im going to miss it a lot. Right now im thinking about watching Triage X, i probably wont but still going to think about it since characters look ehmmmm nice...yeah just that cause its MAL score its 6.something and the reviews basically say its shit but hey at least ill have something to watch when im not doing anything btw Hanayos mom, i had no idea that she appeared at some point until yesterday, todays music
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