Anyone know a fix to the Hearthstone infinite loading screen bug

Before you go all Hearthstone is bad or whatever, quite frankly, I dont care. Ive had this problem for a few days where I load up hearthstone, it gets the the tavern doors with the hearthstone logo, then just forever loads. Isnt frozen, I can still click/alt-tab and the blue swirly swirl pulses. Looked it up and went on the forums and what-do-you-know its a common problem. Also it turns out that there are some solutions that work for a few people. Unfortunately I am obviously not one of them. Have any of you guys had this problem and got it fixed other than just waiting (its the second time this has happened. The first time it fixed after like a day. its been a few days now). With Un'goro coming up I really don't want to miss the start of it, which is by far the best time to play HS Some things that might help anyone: I have tried disabling firewall/windows defender/completely unistalling Avast. I have no other antivirus Windows 8.1 I have tried repairing the game I have tried releasing/renewing my ip I have tried flushing dns I have tried restarting router/modem I have tried reinstalling HS I have tried deleting folders I have tried running Blizzard on windows 7 (I forget what its called. not literally running on windows 7, but theres an option to emulate it or something, I forget) Might've tried other stuff, this is what I remember I can load into my account on my tablet on the same connection HS obviously worked fine before If HS on my tablet didnt run at like 15 fps it wouldnt be a big deal but I seriously want to get this fixed. Any help is seriously appreciated, even if it doesnt work. Blizzard has had no help with this at all which is frustrating for a problem that has existed since 2013
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