GD Pokemon League [Recruit]

Got back into playing Showdown lately and kinda want to try this. I'll choose eight people, including myself, to be gym leaders and other members can challenge us in any order for fun. We'll be using Uber tiers if we do, though, because it seems to be the most fun. Restrictions for gym leaders: one type on team only. Restrictions for challengers: once you sign up to take on the gym leaders, you cannot change your Pokemon lineup with the exception of six subs that you will choose before starting the challenge (this is to prevent people from hard countering gym leader teams based on typing). However, you can change the items and moves of your Pokemon. Just post down below if you're interested in becoming a gym leader or challenger. Gym leaders (FULL): Claviature (steel) Jakojo (dragon) The Sword Dancer (fairy, doubles) Hero of Ideals (fire) Cynicatt (electric) Besteau (poison) Ouroboro (ghost, doubles) 2nd Change (water) Challengers: Jamaree (Sableye, Chansey, Skarmory, Seismictoad, Murkrow, Starmie, Whimsicott) Lord Dusteon (Garchomp, Blaziken, Klefki, Shuckle, Aggron, Greninja) ChickenWrap (Jolteon, Greninja, Gengar, Scizor, Ferrothorn, Kingdra, Goodra, Aggron, Gallade, Excadrill, Arcanine, Crobat) EDIT: I'll open the League once we get 8 gym leaders and 5 challengers. For now, just join "GD Pokemon" chatroom in client to chat. I'll probably use this to schedule and announce battles later, too.
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