What are your strangest dreams GD?

I remember one time I was sleeping in a hospital, and over the past couple days I spent there I had 2 very interesting dreams. **\1.** First person perspective, I was trapped on a very unusual island. I was on rails, riding along walls that would form faces and sing to the heavens. It all played out maybe 2-3 times in slow motion, with credits appearing out of no where as tho it was an opening sequence in a movie. All of a sudden I appeared on a path leading towards an abandoned factory. Keep in mind that this entire time I was stuck on a rail, with little to no ability to move. If I walked off the rail, I couldn't move away from it, an invisible force trapping me near the rail! It was nearly a straight shot towards the factory, but there were also ROBOTS and apparently the rails i was riding on could shoot at enemies at the push of a button. I reached the factory and finally had the freedom to leave the rail, only I had to drop down a massive hole into the factory. Mechanical puppets comin' alive and before i could get much farther i wake up. There was something familiar about this dream, as if I had it before long looooong ago, perhaps when I was j'es a kid. **\2.** I'm in an alternate world, and everything was a cartoon including myself! It was apparently a sci-fi universe including space travel, and aliens, and it was ruled by some mysterious empire. I apparently pissed off said empire and somehow broke the law (i don't 'member what I did), and I was required to travel to distant planets to fulfill tasks for them to regain my freedom. One of the planets turned out to be ALIVE, and over-taken by these bug critters. They was tall, like giant mosquitos except they had no wings and just stuck their suckers into the ground all day. On another planet, everything was gray-ish blue, and I woke up in a room filled with jars and containers. There was also a TV screen, with a news network goin' over my progress. Also one of the empire leaders I was servin', actually done served some higher power and planned to take over the entire empire for THEMSELVES! Then blurga blah I forget and then I wake up (it was gettin epic tho).
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