Catching an Elo Booster, It's not "naming and shaming", Riot said i can post.

Catching an Elo Booster in the Act
The point of this video is to catch an elobooster and potentially get him banned, of course i wouldn't know that because I can't know the players information on whether he gets banned or not but I can just check the players match history to see if he hasn't played for a while.
Jamdaze Jamdaze (Riot Games Player Support) Jan 18, 20:45 Hey Summoner, Thank you so much for volunteering. We also do our best to mitigate this and you guys help us do this better. It's okay if you send us reports occasionally but it's best if you can post it in the forums for all to know. Here's where you can start: I hope this helps. If you have more concerns to raise, please let me know. Jamdaze Riot Player Support Steampunk Demacian Night Hunter Jan 17, 14:43 Well Thank you very much Riot staff, These kinds of behavoirs are ones that should be reported, if you want to post my video anywhere you want to show that elo boosting is punishable i am all for it, if you want me to try and catch more elo boosters im up for it, tell me if you would like to see me do more of this catching, thank you. I post a thread on catching an elo booster on youtube then it gets TAKEN DOWN, im helping the community get rid of boosters and my post gets taken down, bullshit. I sent riot a ticket about this and now Jamdaze told me that i can post it on forums, so its not "naming and shaming" a player. So yeah im here to raise awareness about elo boosting and that I will hunt eloboosters down.

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