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Hello friends I've been thinking about trying to exercise again lately and someone at work had a really good suggestion. But my plan needs some filling out so I better ask the GD exercise buffs xd #My new secret weapon is skipping (aka jump rope)! It sounds really good to me because its an aerobic/cardio activity but in one place. Doing the equivalent running would send me off around the neighbourhood on cold winter evenings and the equivalent walking would take hours. So I found a good piece of rope and did like 20-30 skips and then walked a lap of the backyard (~10 seconds of walk). Repeating that for 10 minutes or so as a test and because I am very unfit. A few thoughts - Is there any point to having that mini walk? I figure it's a sort of break while still moving so I get to have a short break without suddenly coming to a dead stop. - what's a good cool down thing? Today I just kept walking around the house with little pauses until I got back to normal. Would taking a shower straight after be good? Some other activity? - My wrists were sore for a bit after doing it, I guess flipping a rope around like that is very much not a range of motion I am used to since school days. - I'm planning to ramp it up like 10 minutes today, 15 tomorrow, 20 the next type of thing (unless that leaves me too sore and worn out in which case I would slow down/ have a day off) - If it works out should I try and bring in something else? I'm pretty sure you are supposed to mix things up so maybe 1 day I could skip and then the next do some half push ups or whatever xd Other points surely to follow.
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