FEK Contest: Skin Design Contest - May 8th~21st REMADE

#[Entered Designs](http://imgur.com/a/W5VLp) and the ones in the thread are counted too. ##1st Place **Boss Jhin by Cancerous Lulu** http://i.imgur.com/CEZIdTS.png -- ##2nd Place **Goo Goo Zyra by Octasteve** [Click here to check post](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lOT_0KmC8QfJjnmnwO0VzL6cYBB3jbMAEscL4Xh6fqk/edit?usp=sharing) **Rewards** * 1st Place - 30 Fish Chips * 2nd Place - 20 Fish Chips * Participants - 5 Fish Chips **Entries are not being accepted anymore** **Thank you all for participating**
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