Garen mains dont want you to know this simple trick

Playing against Garen as a champion who cannot deal with a silence every 7 seconds can be quite annoying, right? And this may not be a guaranteed way, due to his ultimates changes, but as a Riven player sitting around diamond 4-3 right now, I can surely tell you how I never lose this lane, and this is viable on every melee bruiser/carry in the game/meta. Rush a hexdrinker. Usually at this point in the game, you are all lower levels and you will probably not be the villain, that will probably be somebody in bot lane or jungle. Even if you are villain this item is great since it counters any other ap damage in the game. Garens ultimate does magic damage, and in most elos people will not check your items or summoner spells half the time, so when garen goes to all in you, you will win that duel every single time because this {{item:3155}} will block his entire ultimate. Easy but effective trick that i never see people doing much.
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