My Top 5 AP Mid Champions

Hello everyone, I am currently Silver 4-3 and was Gold last season. I plan to hit gold sometime this month or next month and make the climb to at least plat if not diamond. I really love mid lane and support this season. Mainly these two roles, because you can play just about any Mid lane AP as support without hurting your team. With this all said, here are my Top 5 AP mid laners. 5. {{champion:50}} Swain is in a very great spot and he is overall good. However, his lack of mobility and slow build path makes his mid lane a little suspect. He still does well with his Q for farming if he does face those poke champions. However, being mid means you are open to a lot of ganks which I think is the one reason why I placed him at 5. 4. {{champion:45}} Veigar has one of the best picks for non-mobile AP mid laners. His new passive is just overwhelming good. By the 20 min mark, some players can have really good farm and upwards of 500+ AP. His Ult is now a killer of all, his E is still the best zoning stun in the game and his W still packs a huge punch. I placed him above Swain because he just plays at a safer range and his E is really good to prevent ganks if they do happen. However, his weakness is still there. He is very squishy and if ever focused, will die fast. 3. {{champion:7}} LeBlanc is a great pick for just about any game right now. She just does so much damage with her level 2 all in and can repeat this every 18 seconds at level 2. It is her level 3 all in that usually ends the fight. She is also very mobile and is difficult to burst down because of her passive. She can snowball early and easily. However, she does have some weaknesses such as long range poke champions or overall better mid range champions like my #1 pick. 2. {{champion:103}} Ahri is just a fantastic champion. Her only real weakness is she is only skill shot but with CDR she usually has through items and Runes makes up for any missed skill shots. Her Q has great range of 850, gives her more mobility, can heal her with her passive and deals true damage. She is also a 4 damage ability champion. She is just really good and her kit is just always going to make her a top 5 champion. However, she just isn't #1. 1. {{champion:268}} Azir has finally got a lot of bugs fixed and the current AP items haven't really changed him that much. However, with the bugs fixed, Azir is finally starting to shine in Soloq like we have seen Azir being played in LCS. The poke of Azir is the worst I seen in years. The best way to explain Azirs poke: Orianna and her retarded range of her ball a few seasons back. Azir is the same thing, but has insane mobility. Azir can dive his mid lane target with a shield and 2-3 sand soliders, apply slows, has a wall ult that actually prevents champions from jumping over it. He just has a solid kit and supresses every mid laner right now. He procs Thunderlords too easy. He can turn bad trades into positive trades just from his overloaded kit. His only con is the skill level between a bad, good, and pro. Practice his skills and engages and he will be the best pick up if you can get him through ban phase. To leave a final positive note about Azir, his lane clearing is one of the bests and is able to zone people at the same time. So this is my Top 5 best Mid Laners right now. I think there could be swaps for the 5th and 4th slot, but the top 3 are really solid picks at the moment for patch 6.11.
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