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I believe that people should be accountable for their words. I also believe that paying customers should be at the very least, respected. Riot has has recognized East coast latency as unfair, sectioning the competitive University league into regions, and agreeing to fly contestants to the west coast to play in the final. Although it had been raised previously, the request for an east coast server gained incredible momentum in this ( thread, starting in June of 2012. Since then, over 1000 pages (100,000 posts, enough to break the topic thread) have been generated by users with a common, simple request. A fair playing field amongst their peers. Riot did respond to the outcry 6 months after it originated. **12-26-2013 (Riot Foro - Network Engineer)** "This is something definitely on our radar, and has been a talking point in our various teams at Riot for quite some time now." **12-28-2013 (Riot Foro - Network Engineer)** "~100ms to the NA servers from the East Coast is something we can improve." "Latency buffs are coming. " "Further improvements are being discussed," A month later, they commented to reassure us that this was a focus, and that they were investing to resolve it. **01-28-2014 (Riot Foro - Network Engineer)** "This isn't something we're ignoring - but it's not something that is going to happen overnight either. Can't divulge any plans right now but we're working on improving latency for everyone in North America" Finally, after over 3500 posts, the issue escalated, and a VP committed to investing resource to improve the experience for their East coast customers. **02-24-2014 (sonicdeathmonk - Vice President of Operations)** "Not promising East Coast game servers but I am committing to lower ping time for East Coast players" Four months later, country manager (not a North American one, but a country manager nonetheless) even chimed in to verify that the issue was a priority. **06-07-2014 (Cedriel - Country Manager Chile)** "We recognize that East Coast players are not getting the same quality of service that West Coast players do—and we're committed to doing something about that. Wiser heads than mine are working on this" On September 4, 2014 a response finally came from **Riot President himself, Marc Merill**. In this post. Although he refused to note specifically that East coast latency is the key issue, he did inform us that he would have his staff provide an update. "sorry if we've been radio silent.Will ping our team for an update since latency (driven by external factors) is on our radar." It's been almost a month since then, and no response has been communicated to his customers (His staff must be on the east coast or something?). I encourage you to continue this discussion, as well as help Riot prioritize the issue by tweeting @RiotSupport. Red. *Edit 1 They're FINALLY migrating servers! ( ... to another West coast location ... Keep kicking us in the balls Riot. It's really enjoyable. *Edit 2 So after the impressive outrage caused by the thread I mention in Edit 1 (So many downvotes that most of the Riot posts are actually not showing up anymore), Riot was inspired to provide us a "more detailed updated". This one effectively says that they're "working on it", but first they need to finish the west coast infrastructure project, and then try to work with ISPs to improve the entire infrastructure of the internet superhighway in the US. And THEN they are thinking of moving the servers, but they haven't decided where yet. Why do they think this is OK? I guess because people (not me) keep spending money. *Final Edit ITS HAPPENING!
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