Pickup artists

They're the worst kind of people. It's like they don't understand what is acceptable in social situations, or their morals have been overriden just because they're trying to get laid. Or maybe they have some kind of developmental disorder, who knows. I can't imagine what kind of idiot these moves work on. -When you hold your hand out for a handshake, the girl is friendly enough to oblige and you thank her by holding onto her hand tightly for an uncomfortably extended period and not letting her move away, it's fucking creepy. -Calling a business where you know a girl who is effectively a stranger to you works and asking to speak with her so that you can tell her you couldn't sleep until you asked her for her number is fucking creepy. -Using someone's kid as a lure and then dropping in out of nowhere with something like "your smile is really pretty" when she goes to help the child is fucking creepy. -Asking a girl what she's into and then suddenly wow omg you're an expert on that subject and you have a degree in it, while not creepy, is desperate as fuck. -Telling a girl she's making the wrong decisions in her life and stealth insulting her then following it up by saying you could take her far if she was with you is fucking creepy. -Don't hug me, I have no idea who you are. I hate people. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-iRST_4TN5z4/UWWwHgd-pcI/AAAAAAAANQw/9I6zDgvopCE/s1600/feeling-cat.jpg
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