[Banned for hacks under false pretenses] Riot, and Players, Help us.

Alright League community, it's time for us to address a huge issue here in the current game of League of Legends. "What is that?" some of you ask, wide eyed and innocent. "The behavior of players?" you'll say. "The unbalanced champs?" You ponder. Honestly, those don't really exist... No, I'm talking about a fair plethora of League of Legends accounts permanently banned under the false pretenses of "Hacks" or "Third Party Content that gives you an advantage in the game." Now, yes, there are those cases of people who are actually scumbags and have hacked, but we aren't looking at those people. No, we're looking at us innocent people (such as myself) who have had their account banned from Riot themselves saying, "yea, no. You're hacking and you can't even defend yourself. Perma bans are permanent through any claims of innocence." even when it's completely evident that we are one-hundred percent innocent. I say enough is enough. I say that honestly, I'm done with this. I spent three years on this account, others have spent longer, others shorter amounts of time. We have thrown money into the company thinking, "yea! Riots awesome! Let's keep them going and show how much I love not only the game, but them!" Only to see them betray our trust and ignore our shouts and pleas for fairness and justice. I'm calling on any players, Riot mods, and otherwise influential people to help us here in this cause. You can't just take our accounts away permanently and not even look back to give us a fighting chance at getting them back. Either revise your systems or stop sending that quick copied and pasted email that you think will get us by. The one that I have seen so many times this past year while I've been fighting to get my account back. Riot, you've done so many things right with the community. I ask if you'll be able to meet us just a little farther and look into this? Thanks for reading and tell me your opinions and grant us your support summoners! -Taytinn (The falsely banned 1 year and counting) **Disclaimer** This is a serious cause. If you have honestly hacked then please, don't join this because a single false case of a hacker set free will derail an otherwise needed improvement.
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