Is this game not suitable for people who's families don't understand that you can't pause the game?

I have some time before my school starts so I decided to play League for a little bit. Only problem is I get interrupted about once every 1-3 hours. If I get interrupted for 10 minutes, I come back and am really far behind. Sometimes I have to leave halfway through the game to babysit. It's not because I have to eat dinner, because that always happens around the same time, so I can just avoid playing then. It's these spontaneous times that I have to leave. It's negatively affecting myself as well as the other 9 players in each game. I can't just tell my family to fuck off. They'll call me lazy and tell me to stop wasting my life playing a game, because they think "playing video games are only for losers who don't have lives". I don't know if I should continue playing. League is really fun and a good way to relax (when no one's flaming). But I don't think I should continue if I have to leave/afk for 10-15 minutes once every 4-5 games.
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