Boy this makes me sad. No. Not the image. How people are reacting to it. Because if you read the actually article, it comes off a lot different than what the title seems to imply. A brief summary. Basically his instructor called him the R word (wardens pls no snips im allergic to crabs) and he looked at his officer with disgust rather an answering something like "Yes Sir." And was told to explain himself. To which he says he could not accept that word because it offended him. But, he DOES NOT mean the word hurt his feelings. He finds it offensive because its an insult to his brother. A person he deeply cares about. And he felt the need to stand up for his brother. Even later in the article he goes on to explain that this probably didn't have any effect on the instructor and he probably still uses the word. But standing up to your superior officer and basically saying "don't talk shit about my family." isn't exactly something the normal person does. Yet leave it to the internet to brand him a "SJW joins the marines" and start a massive circle jerk about how he's probably a liberal feminist cuck ect. ect. who has no business being in the marines. All because they didn't bother to read the actual article. : /
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