How Do I make myself not lazy?

Is it just about rationalizing my circumstances in my brain to motivate myself? Do I have to convince myself that if I don't work hard nothing will happen? Working is stressful and I don't like doing stuff I don't like..... How do I get myself to do more.....strive for more... is it only how one was raised or what you've been through? How do I obtain goals.... How do I " make" myself become interested in something? something that is actually productive and will improve my life.... am I just defective? not trying hard enough? not trained / raised well? making too many excuses... what is it.....what is the secret to not being lazy.... too many environment.... maybe I'm meant to be this way... bad do I break out of this endless cycle... is forcing myself to do stuff the only way? just sheer will power and force and determination? I am such a weak person...
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