Nintendo Switch, Pros and Cons Wasn't it Thomas Edison who would sit down and write out a Pros and Cons list before making tough decisions? Lets do it. Pro: -It's the strongest portable videogame system ever -It plays Nintendo Games -It has Joy-Con which are good for parties -It plays older Nintendo games -You can upgrade internal storage with a microSD card Edit: Only 300 dollars, cheaper than other consoles at launch Cons: -The vanilla PS4 and Xbone are both cheaper than the Switch currently -It's the weakest current gen home console, by far -You have to buy older Nintendo games again to play them on the Switch, even if you already own them -The internal storage it comes with by default is ridiculously small and you're forced to upgrade it immediately with an expensive microSD card -Third party games will be mostly weak -Will always get the worst ports -The Joy-Con are very expensive -The Joy-Con charger is very expensive -Nintendo games don't drop in price for years -It's 300 dollars and doesn't do almost anything a tablet/phone/computer can do, despite basically being a tablet -It's 300 dollars and it can't compete with the other home consoles in graphics or library of highly rated exclusives -Can't upgrade the majority of the hardware Edit: Online play now costs to use and the service is much worse than PS4 and Xbone Edit: No pack-in game I'll add more as the thread continues.
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