**PETITION** Replace the current boards moderation team.

I think we should actually get Riot to atleast investigate what is going on here. Not every mod is guilty here, but there are some right now who are just doing it for either sadistic fun or carelessness. Perhaps figure out which individuals or group of individuals are guilty for the unjustified permabans and have them replaced alone, while keeping the innocent mods. It really is getting out of hand by this point, and I fear it will continue to snowball until everyone is permabanned. Please just post on here saying you agree and wish to be on this list, or some other variant thereof. If a mod takes this down, it is a violation of my rights as a boards poster, as there is nothing here that does not comply with the code or agree with the report system. Upvote this if you want it to get to the front page, so that they start noticing. Petition List: -Umbra Gemini -Dryad Soraka -Haunt -2nd Chance -Snowkittynidalee/ BFNA -Bleediss -Hackulator -Hero of Ideals -Lajneen -Popstar Ahri -GG Yoona lm -Zathuru -Ditsdiar -Zyvux -Ticklish Tas -Sweetheart Annie -Ioncannonkarthus -King of Mongooses -Jakojo -fowus2happy -Nyrone -Tundra Fizz -303devilfish -ElGranMamut98 -Hi im Brad -Nuparu -Seifu -Akali is SO HOT -Boggybuntu -Just Me Talon -Aeroner -MiracIe -Busty Demoness -Nightraven Ahri -Top PIz -Norscout -dragondude23 -Dreadecho -Vreivai -YOU BEEN WARNED -Embrace The Bard -VirginRivenMain -Cancerous Lulu -Kat Head -Insanity Kiwi -Sacklet -ZeusHasRefresher -Alaskaneagle -Lukethesheppy -Honeycute -Makior72 -FO3 -Melondrama -BronzodiaXElite (xxwukong360elite) -SilentNightSona - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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