@Riot False Positive Hacking Ban?

Originally posted this in Help & Support when I wasn't supposed to (oops). I know Rioters don't touch GD much though, so I dunno if they'll even see this. In any case, read on. Hey everyone. A few days ago my friend ( http://www.lolking.net/summoner/na/23380512 ) got permabanned for seemingly no reason. After submitting a ticket, they told him that they detected 3rd party software that compromises the game (i.e. hacking), so they would not be lifting the ban, and then they just closed the ticket. Now I know the guy personally, and while I know anecdotal evidence doesn't count for much, dude would never hack. The question then is: could something on his computer have compromised him and been flagged as a hacking tool? If so, I think he should be notified; As it stands, Riot Support isn't giving him a concrete answer - they say they detected something, but they won't tell him what it is. I for one would like to know, too, because what's stopping me from getting permabanned out of the blue if this turns out to be an accident. It would be great if Riot could give a response and look deeper into it; Could it have been a false positive? If it really really wasn't, could we know what was flagged? Has this happened to anyone else? ~~inb4 "nice alt"~~
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