How to get out of Bronze and into Silver

Good day all, Last season I was able to get to Gold before I stopped playing for a couple months and fell back to Silver prior to the prizes. This season I have been messing around and looking at what was working last year that isn't this year. The ending result was: Lanes are not good to carry to the next league. I have been doing some looking around and while last season it was Top Tryndamere for Solo Que, this season, top is about how well can you help your team mid and late game. Nasus isn't working as well, Gnar is great and ofc some other duel type champions are doing well top like Fiora. So how can someone get out of bronze but still improve their game mechanics? Jungle. With new Jungle items and the meta shifting again from tanky champions to bruisers, Jungle is the place to grow. When you go into games, if your forced to support, just play Soraka, she will help team overall and she is great for the meta. However, if you get jungle, you got a ton of easy junglers that just dominate Solo Que play. Here is a small list of really great junglers (ofc these are my opinions): 1. Rengar 2. Warwick 3. Vi 4. J4 5. Udyr What do all these champions have in common? They are bruisers and they are all capable of killing any carry 1v1. Also, (exception of WW) they all gank very well pre 6 and post 6, they all basically can get a kill or assist. So if you are having issues in Bronze and need to find a way out of that league to face slightly harder opponents, hit up Jungle. What are some of the game mechanics that Jungle teaches players? 1. Warding (you want to do this to help manage where the enemies jungler is at all times to invade jungle or know its OK to gank bot or top with not issues) 2. Map Awareness, kind of flows in with wards but you are always wondering around the map. Knowing what is clear and what is danger can be the difference between walking into a bait or helping your team to victory. 3. Objectives. You can assist lanes to finish objectives. This season is all about who can control dragon and baron while still getting towers and deep wards. 4. Manage enemy carries. You are the fear of every laner. If your mid has a counter or doesn't play well verse a certain champion like my last Vi game did; Vik vs Yasuo, I was able to shut down Yasuo and prevent him from snowballing to an issue by ganking him after I forced his flash down with my own flash at level 4. I knew he had no escapes and Vi is all melee so her AA will hit regardless of his Wind Wall. A jungler is great at stopping snowballing and can help snowball your carries or yourself if you camp or gank correctly. So overall, Jungle is maybe the best carry potential in the game while still learning some basic or important key game mechanics for any league; bronze, silver, gold, plat, etc. Hit up jungle if you can and give it a try. Ofc, if you need to practice, select the Normal (Team Builder) game mode and work your jungle mechanics. GLHF
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