So i gave in an bought nier automata

An i dunno how you can play this game with a keyboard, i legit died on normal difficulty multiple times at the bridge buzz saw bosses and had to start over multiple times ended up putting it on easy with auto chips on just to experience the game lol. i guess ill have to go though the keyboard settings an find the best one for me. or buy a steam game controller. But overall the game is beautiful and the gameplay is really nice you never in the hack n slash state you can can do all kinds of combat styles when flying the flight gear or hacking systems. ive only just started my first play though since i was playing at work in between waiting on calls and when i kept being reset due to dying it was hard to get far lol. but if anyone is on the fence about buying it, id say buy it esp since its only 41.99 till the 5th.
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