PBE blind pick is a joke

I've tried countless times to get Xayah to test. It seems rather useless to have a server where I can't test the things I'm supposed to. I queue for a game and someone auto-locks before I'm even in the lobby. I spend 20-40 mins being unhappy in a situation where I could be playing on the live server doing the same thing. Why not have a draft pick with no bans or something? I'd rather wait an hour to test the content then consecutive 30 min games being miserable. My time is valuable and it is being wasted. If 4 Riot employees get me into a game where I can actually play my fucking champion I will purchase both Xayah and Rakan with RP instead of the planned IP. I have been involved with the game since 2010 and it's a disgrace how unorganized the PBE is.
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