What is the point of even having chat? Chat Restriction rant with Chat Logs.

I see people cursing each other out constantly on league. Racial slurs, slurs about sexual orientation, and all out raging. This is pretty common in my normals and ranked matches. Yet for some reason the chat logs provided for my "toxic" games are rather tame, and I am among the "5%" of league players to receive a chat restriction. I am wondering, is chat even needed? When you can't even have fun with the game or people take offense immediately to anything being said about their play they can report you. Here are some of the reports... First Game: Thresh the support is trying their hardest to throw the game, doesn't say anything all game and then I guess reports me at the end for calling them out on their bad plays. Oh yeah, and Garen who was the enemy top laner was cursing out our Teemo all game along with enemy Talon doing something similar. Game 1 TwoChikfilaSauce: did galio or xayah stun me? TwoChikfilaSauce: you missed hook when she was stunned TwoChikfilaSauce: bot is gone TwoChikfilaSauce: thresh omg TwoChikfilaSauce: no lantern TwoChikfilaSauce: no hooks TwoChikfilaSauce: yeah TwoChikfilaSauce: this supp is throwing hard TwoChikfilaSauce: why come bot to take cs TwoChikfilaSauce: because we're down two towers and thresh has abandoned bot lane TwoChikfilaSauce: while akali is roaming TwoChikfilaSauce: Wow 52... TwoChikfilaSauce: dude this is a normals game go play ranked and talk trash TwoChikfilaSauce: it isn't like teemo is a hard counter to garen TwoChikfilaSauce: no it isn't TwoChikfilaSauce: lol no TwoChikfilaSauce: did voli really recall? lol TwoChikfilaSauce: reported TwoChikfilaSauce: Those talon plays TwoChikfilaSauce: Lol, he misclicked on you about 4 times TwoChikfilaSauce: Then just afked next to tower TwoChikfilaSauce: Thresh missing hooks on a stunned xayah is disgusting TwoChikfilaSauce: Not really TwoChikfilaSauce: Have to be able to run away from Akali who is just free roaming since 10 minutes TwoChikfilaSauce: Oh did I miss that when she said my jungle claer is disgusting? TwoChikfilaSauce: Too funny TwoChikfilaSauce: Do you know what 2-13 is Talon? TwoChikfilaSauce: 2-13 will be his final score TwoChikfilaSauce: You should try for yourself TwoChikfilaSauce: Tell that to garen TwoChikfilaSauce: Tell that to Garen TwoChikfilaSauce: Who was cursing out Teemo TwoChikfilaSauce: I don't see you saying anything to garen cursing out teemo TwoChikfilaSauce: Hypocrites are funny TwoChikfilaSauce: I love that, the classic..."You mad bro?" TwoChikfilaSauce: "You mad bro?" classic! TwoChikfilaSauce: Curses out teemo all game and Talon wants to get all high and mighty TwoChikfilaSauce: Yeah, not like all other lanes fed TwoChikfilaSauce: Or Thresh abanonded bot lane TwoChikfilaSauce: Or missed hooks on Stunned xayah TwoChikfilaSauce: Talon, you're cute bro TwoChikfilaSauce: And a hypocrite TwoChikfilaSauce: Oh look akali wants to dive me again TwoChikfilaSauce: Says the garen cursing teemo out all game TwoChikfilaSauce: Oh but you're joking right? TwoChikfilaSauce: hahaah talon TwoChikfilaSauce: Talon wanted that kill so bad TwoChikfilaSauce: by cursing him out? lol TwoChikfilaSauce: Talon is really pushign the high and mighty act TwoChikfilaSauce: Not really TwoChikfilaSauce: I love the trash talk with a 2-14 talon as mid TwoChikfilaSauce: LOL this dude thinks mastery matters TwoChikfilaSauce: "bro I'm a rank 7 talon" LOLOOLOLOL TwoChikfilaSauce: "Don't go ghostblade first dude, I know you're 2-14, but listen to my talon advice, I'm mastery 7!!!" TwoChikfilaSauce: hahaha so freaking funny, thanks for that TwoChikfilaSauce: talon wants to dive me again LOL The second game they gave me for chat restriction is even more tame than the first game. My support, a guy raging about getting Rakan spams chat saying he will mute anyone being toxic. I said, "Oh Jesus...", his immediate response is he muted me. He ends up muting the entire other team as well. This is super tame stuff...not even 30 lines of chat. Game 2 TwoChikfilaSauce: Oh jesus... TwoChikfilaSauce: Because Xayah sucks TwoChikfilaSauce: This guy is the toxic one TwoChikfilaSauce: I'll be reporting ajcadoo TwoChikfilaSauce: lol TwoChikfilaSauce: Hed idn't mute Rakan? Surprising TwoChikfilaSauce: lol no joke TwoChikfilaSauce: he asked me why I wasn't playing Xayah TwoChikfilaSauce: Lol, so toxic TwoChikfilaSauce: If only he didn't mute me he might nkow TwoChikfilaSauce: I guess riven said screw top towers TwoChikfilaSauce: Laning phase is over dude TwoChikfilaSauce: well you can not go panth jungle first TwoChikfilaSauce: panth is good when he's ahead, bad when he's behind, you're behind and jungle isn't doing much for you TwoChikfilaSauce: You picked a champ expecting to be ahead, that waas your first mistake TwoChikfilaSauce: I didn't screw anything up TwoChikfilaSauce: I have nothing to do with you being 0-2 TwoChikfilaSauce: scratch taht 0-3 TwoChikfilaSauce: i was in lane csing right? TwoChikfilaSauce: not dying, right? TwoChikfilaSauce: statik shiv shouldn't be your first item trynd TwoChikfilaSauce: Panth is tilter TwoChikfilaSauce: Panth jungle bro TwoChikfilaSauce: Statik Shiv is a bad first item for trynd TwoChikfilaSauce: He shouldn't lose to riven TwoChikfilaSauce: This entire team is tilted TwoChikfilaSauce: Why do they even play league? Imagine these people in sports TwoChikfilaSauce: Lol And for the third game which is similar to the second game. I barely had 30 lines of chat for the entire 40 minute game but for some reason that is deemed too "toxic". The funny part is three of the players on my team were cursing me out for 40 minutes with every word under the sun. Namely Nasus who was doing nothing and once I took some farm off him he started raging and cursing me out for the rest of the game. Yet I get chat restricted for some of the most tame dialog I've ever come across on league. Ah, and the reason I left bot lane position was because my support started cursing me out for not following up when I'm stunned. What is the point of even having chat? Why does Riot want to so heavily control what people say on chat? It is to the point where speaking on chat just isn't worth it. Which is kind of a shame... Game 3 TwoChikfilaSauce: Well we'll know in about 20 seconds TwoChikfilaSauce: why would you go when i'm stunned? TwoChikfilaSauce: lux is an ap mage TwoChikfilaSauce: feel free to handle the lane yourself since you're so good TwoChikfilaSauce: zed isn't mid TwoChikfilaSauce: genius TwoChikfilaSauce: we needs towers TwoChikfilaSauce: towers before your stacks TwoChikfilaSauce: lol what? TwoChikfilaSauce: what are you talking abuot? TwoChikfilaSauce: You're really wanting me to try my best TwoChikfilaSauce: I hope you enjoy chat ban TwoChikfilaSauce: congrats TwoChikfilaSauce: Lol zed you goin to try and dive me all game? TwoChikfilaSauce: Seems like it every time I push a lane there you are running towards me TwoChikfilaSauce: Sure sure TwoChikfilaSauce: Lol, what? TwoChikfilaSauce: Kind of wondering why you're on American servesr TwoChikfilaSauce: Where are you from? TwoChikfilaSauce: Lol TwoChikfilaSauce: is dizzy canadian slang? TwoChikfilaSauce: Because it is a really lame thing to say TwoChikfilaSauce: I guess you didn't notice my team running away from me during teamfights? TwoChikfilaSauce: But keep bragging on a normals game, lol TwoChikfilaSauce: So funny you're wasting ult on 1-7 ashe while fizz dominates you TwoChikfilaSauce: He just did TwoChikfilaSauce: he just did TwoChikfilaSauce: Are you from Quebec or something? TwoChikfilaSauce: LOL that makes total sense now
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