Love how this counts as a loss...

Lee goes 1-10, afks at the lvl 12 mark. He was top vs Ryze... I even went into Ryzes lane and killed him 3-4 times for Lee, Lee would just tower dive the guy and give up kills. Wouldnt ward bushes, too busy trying to ward hop to kill Ryze at his tower. Wouldnt wait for me. Just kept saying " sorry im so bad ", dies... Then as i said, around the lvl 12 mark, he tried to surreneder, we said no, he left. We got close to winning a 4v5 after he left, thats how bad he was, we got baron a couple times, a couple aces (but the ryze was so fed, none of us could push after a fight for being so low/oom). Still lose 16 LP for this,best part is, even if i report him for AFKing, no guarantee that hes gonna get banned. Even if he does, how does that "help" me? "Oh it wont happen again", but it does, constantly, every series match.
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