Let's get to know each other. :)

Hello all~ I thought this could be a neat thing for everyone to do. So, feel free to share a little bit about yourself, some fun facts or even some stories. The more participation the better. :3 I'll go first, I'm 20 years old, my hobbies include drawing and my style of drawing is mainly black and white pencil drawings. I like drawing characters mainly OC's created in various universes and role playing games I’ve done with IRL friends. I also really enjoy writing; I mainly write poetry, character backgrounds and character sketches. Short stories and fan-fic are things that I have recently getting into and finding lots of fun. I am usually not one to share a whole lot of my work, nor do I take requests. I am naturally very shy and modest in person and like to stick to a small group of close friends that I’ve met throughout my years. I am genuinely happy and positive as things are and I am happily engaged to my best friend of nearly 8 years. That is all I'll share for now, and I hope to see some replies. Bai~ **EDIT** I turned 21 I work at a nursing home now I recently got a sexy gaming PC and having been enjoying playing games that are not league (on steam) I realized there are a bunch of new faces around so I wanted to bump and see some new replies : )

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