HUD Update Q&A

HUD Update
We're creating a more streamlined UI that doesn't obscure the play space and reorganizes the information based on how players actually use it. These changes are all driven by tons of observation and playtesting, but like everything else, we're looking for your feedback to improve them further.
Howdy all, With the info and PBE release of the HUD update for League of Legends, we wanted to gather the team that's been working on it to answer questions anyone may have. We'll start around 2pm PDT and will go until 4pm PDT. Folks from the team Include User Experience, Engineering, Visual Design, and QA experts, so ask away and we'll do our best to answer as many as we can. Thanks, -Chager ========================== Ok all, we're going to call it there for now. Some awesome questions and hopefully equally good answers from us all. We still want to keep the conversation going so we'll be visiting this and other threads while the HUD is on PBE. In the mean time keep the feedback coming and we look forward to some good conversations and making the HUD Update awesome for y'all. Thanks, -Clarity Team

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