Don't do reworks if you aren't changing anything

Mainly aimed at Vel'Koz's rework and the juggernaut patch. Like, what's the point of doing a rework that accomplishes nothing? All it does is make a champion ineligible for future work in comparison to other champions while leaving them in the state they were in without much change. Like, really think on this: What actually changed for any of the juggernauts that were worked on in the jugs patch? What really changed for Vel'Koz? Answer is basically nothing. Garen's gimmick may as well not exist due to how random and non-influential it is on his old, ancient, out-dated play pattern, and thus he's the same Bronze-beater he was before. Morde's still a fossil that's slated for a REAL rework eventually. Skarner is still in perpetual need of a rework as well. Vel'Koz still doesn't do a dang thing different from other long-range burst/siege mages, although that was the reason behind reworking him *to begin with*. Darius is probably the only one that gained any real game balance benefit from his rework out of these examples, but that's because his specific niche was already pretty clean cut and set and just needed to be as rewarding with less hard-countering outright. I mean, why do them? It's a waste of resources. If you aren't going to go in hard enough to fix a champ's issues that's causing them to need a rework, don't do the rework. All you really did was a glorified balance patch. Now I'm looking at those Leona changes and it's like "Why does a support need bonus AA range after ulting?". You aren't fixing the inherent issue of Leona being unfavored in comparison to other hard-engage supports due to displacing herself behind enemy lines rather than pulling enemies to your team by giving her bonus AA range. If you're gonna fix something wrong on Leona, you'd probably need to look elsewhere outside of AA ranges after her ult. There could be a different kind of benefit that could be given to her that'd make sense for a tank in the fray. Let's try to avoid random, gimmicky, unnecessary changes just for the sake of.
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