Flaming Your Teammates and the Success it causes yourself.

Name a time in a game where one of your teammates said something to you where you actually learned something...... Yeah that may be hard to remember. If i was to ask you name a time where someone flamed you in game or said something mean or toxic we could all definitely think of a time where that happened; probably in your last game. It;s hard to understand the logic because as many people have probably already told you flaming someone or yelling at the in game does not help them. Now believe me I am not trying to say i do not get mad at my teammates but i do not type to them in the game. If i do type (as you have probably been taught in other videos) i type meaningful information like flash timers or what objectives etc. Its very rare, it would almost be safe to say, 100% of the time flaming someone does not help them. I get it, people are angry and need to let out frustration. I just wish it did not come at the cost of the game or the teammates. Other people ruin this game for me. Whether I am being flamed or my other teammate. And of course i realize this is the internet so I'm probably gonna get a: "You suck: and that comment will be the most thumbs up. Anyway, just wanted to write this even if no one reads it, just so i feel like i put something out about my frustration. How people who care so much about winning a game will cause defeat for their own team just to watch another person suffer to feel better about losing. Its backwards impulsive logic and in my opinion stupidity. Muting everyone is the only solution. Now only if i could do something about the Enemy Missing ping spam......
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