Do you live the ARAM life?

Here I am at my desk...thinking about ARAM competitively. I know I am not there only one out there who likes to play howling abyss with a heightened sense to win. I know, I know, it's only ARAM, but this thread may not be for you. I want to talk to others who are also invested in the "ARAM LYFE" and get your opinion. I play for fun, but I play to win. Let's jump straight into it. I'm coming closer to 1000 ARAM wins and around 53% win rate (somewhere around 80 more wins than my losses), nothing incredible in my eyes, but note worthy. I play every champion but prefer tanks. The below is purely subjective. What was your last ARAM champion? How do you spend your your 1375 gold based on the last champion you got? What do you think is the most powerful champion spell in ARAM? Why? Who do you think is the weakest champion in ARAM? Why? What is a skill you have learned that give you a competitive advantage? 1. Varus 2. Pickaxe, long sword, 2 health pots and 3 mana pots (first Item I want is last whisper) 2 health pots for sustain and 3 mana pots so i can abuse my Q 3. Soraka's E (Equinox) INSTANT AOE SILENCE WHILE IN THE POOL AND IT ROOTS YOU IF YOU STAND IN IT LONG ENOUGH! THE PEEL POTENTIAL! (/salt) 4. Trundle, this was a hard one to decide on. He can be a nice sticky bruiser but I feel that any that his power can be trumped by a lot of other champions 5. SPAM Taunting jkjkjknoreally. But seriously, I have learned this dance of back and forth between you and a target on the enemy team that I feel I can take advantage of. They move close, I move away, I move close, they move away and it becomes this back and forth dance to the point where it becomes a predictable movement that I can take advantage of. I will be here to read all of the reply and respond without trying to spam the red-tracker to much as I can be known to do sometimes.

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