Well, I think I just won Heroes of the Storm.

At level 7, I ran into my first bot. No, not the kind that helpfully takes over when you dc, puts your points into useless talents and repeatedly feeds you to the enemy team before you can reconnect. (Though that's an issue all by itself) An actual, League style gold farming bot that pushes the lane, oblivious to anything going on, and tosses the game by not being there for objectives. It goes without saying that you can't report this. The game has ragers (in 7 levels I have yet to see a single chat message that isn't either an insult or "gg"), a strict meta that prevents you from playing half of the heroes competitively including most of the funky ones, extreme reliance on teamplay to the point where you feel powerless, regular leavers and high prices. Someone remind me why this game is considered better than League again.
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