something fishy going on in ranked games

So I just reach level 30 like 2 weeks ago and I'm trying out ranked games for the first time. After I loose terribly to this fizz I look at his profile and I notice hes only played {{champion:105}} once and it was the only champion he has played, which is weird but then I look at his runes and masteries, they are teir 2 runes and only one page of masteries, so I thought well that's strange but just played it off, then I try ranked again tonight and get stomped by every player I play against.... bad.... so I start looking into how I'm getting paired with these incredible players and low and behold almost everyone of them has only won less then 5 normal and ranked games, and have the exact same 2 rune pages set up page 1 and page 2 that's what they were labeled. And only have 1 mastery page set up... now idk what's going on but every "normal player" I play with has at least 5 mastery pages and names their rune pages.... what gives riot are these bots? Or bought accounts? Itss really frustrating. Start paying attention to people you play against and see if anyone else notices this trend. I'll post some pictures tomorrow to show you what I mean.
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