400 mb patch, 15kbs

So this has been going on now for about the past 6 patches for myself. In game ping is 44 on average. I sat there on steam and DL the patch for Dota 2 at 2 mbs, while LoL is downloading at 14 kbs. Now I did submit a ticket about the load screen being stuck at LoL logo with a white line under it. Had to reinstall the game 3 times. At least it doesn't stay at the logo anymore; well it did for 2 mins today. I have closed and restarted the launcher now 9 times. Got to the 2nd half of the patch. it did say 38 mb left but now after another reset, 60 and is at 17 kbs. Ever since the servers were moved to the windy city aka Chicago, I have seen nothing but problems with your game. Between random kick when I have team builder and we all que for a game, to the random drops in loading an ARAM, to the horror of knowing I will have to deal with low DL speeds for patches is driving me crazy.
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