Sony refuses to join Minecraft's Crossplay feature, making PS4 Minecraft the worst version

Sony "refused" to join Minecraft cross-play, Microsoft would "love to have" PS4 on board
PlayStation will not be part of Minecraft unification plans. During their E3 press conference yesterday, Microsoft announced that Minecraft will be supporting cross-platform play, unifying players on console, mobile, Windows 10 and VR builds of the game. The Nintendo Switch was confirmed as one of the consoles, but there was nothing on the PS4.
Sony's doing a lot of stupid shit in recent years, the stupidest of which being denying all forms of crossplay whenever they are approached by developers with it. They refused Rocket League crossplay with Xbox (I believe PS4/PC is a go though), denied Minecraft Crossplay, and in a sort of similar move, denied full mod support for Fallout 4 and Skyrim Remastered, allowing only mods that just recycle/repurpose existing content within the game already and not allowing any additional content to be added. Why would Sony shoot themselves in the foot like this? I have no idea why they'd think their customers want this. I assure you, they don't want this. They want more people to play with, more content to enjoy from other versions of the game. They want a Mario Minecraft skin on their PS4 version. They want a Halo theme on there. They want to be able to play with their friends on other platforms. But Sony just says "nope" and is completely stubborn and won't budge. Why is Sony so bad?
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