League of Legends is like a family.

Before I begin, I am aware that a famous Youtuber known as Sky Williams first stated the idea of this, but I really liked it so I decided to keep it going except to add my own twist and make it more detailed and thought out .. SIDE NOTE: I know my grammar is not perfect, and I may have used certain words excessively.. but I didn't really care to fix it because this is just for fun. So I'd appreciate it if you would just read and enjoy without criticizing too much about that. So, without further Adu.. Top- Dear old dad. Top is the father role of the team. Usually the big strong tank who protects the rest of the family and plays the 'man of the house' role, by going in first and engaging into danger. If he's not the tank role , then he'll choose some crazy carry like Irelia or Riven who pretty much takes control of the game and leads the team to victory without help from anyone else like you would expect a dad to do. The father is most of the time working all day and keeping to himself, however when things get serious for anyone else in the family; watch out! because you know how dad gets when he's angry... and he will teleport anywhere at anytime to protect his family with everything he's got. In my opinion, dad is the last person in the family you want to upset, because if he gets enough momentum, (gets really fed) nothing can stop him. Even though dad works a lot on his own, we all love dad.. he takes charge, and isn't afraid of anything when it comes to protecting his family and giving them the wonderful life they deserve. Mid- Our loving mother. Mid is the mom of the team. She constantly has to be worrying about everyone and everything, whether it's the enemy jungle, her own team's jungle, the bot lane, and even top lane on occasion; all while still focusing on keeping herself in check with her mid lane opponent . Keeping mom happy is the key to a happy household (getting her fed). As we all know , mom likes to get things done! So the champions she plays are usually burst or have some sort of combo/sequence that when pulled off correctly, can have crazy but effective results. If mom is happy, then she will gladly take control of things and keep everyone else in line. However, mom is still only human, and when mom gets stressed out, (camped, feeds, etc..) she can get very moody.. and the rest of the family needs to cater to her every word so she can become Supermom again. Mom is probably the most stressful role and is considered by many, the most important role of the house. Things can definitely fall apart without a happy and loving mother, but at the end of the day... she loves her family more than she loves herself and she'll work as hard as she possibly can to make sure her family is happy. Jungle- The grandparents, or the aunts and uncles. Jungle plays the role of the relatives. You don't see them often, only on special occasions or holidays... and when you do, they bring you gifts like ganks or buffs, or dragons. They usually play a champion with some tankiness and some damage, and help out everyone in the family when they need it most. As a grandma , the most important thing to them is that you are well fed, (haha) so they are more than happy to give everyone else the kills. They are essentially another support for your family when times are tough. When there are big important events or parties, the relatives will always be there (baron and dragon fights) and if they aren't, then the party usually isn't as joyful as it could have been. 95% of the time you will be happy to see the relatives.. except when drunk uncle Larry comes to your lane and feeds it .. lol, oh drunk uncle Larry =P ... but the majority of the time, you love seeing grams or your loving auntie who just wants you to be happy and successful in life. Ad Carry- The little brother or sister. ADC is the baby of the family, probably more so the little brother. The family spends all their energy protecting, nurturing, and taking care of the baby in hopes that when they grow up, (late game) they step up and carry the family with all that they've learned. This role is usually the first to whine or cry to everyone else when they are unhappy, and they are usually a brat. They have been known to throw temper tantrums (AFK or intentionally troll/feed) if things aren't going the way they want and they can be very annoyingly stubborn even when they are not right. The little brother is very selfish and wants everything for himself, so they will build full damage in order to take all the kills, all the CS, and all the buffs if they can. However, at the end of the day, the family loves the baby with all their heart.. and even though they can be bratty and annoying, you realize they are still immature and young.. and you still try to give them the best life and the most love that you can. Support- The older, wiser sister or brother. Support would be the older sibling role. They look after and take care of their little brother and make sure he's safe and on the right path in life. They take the most abuse from the ADC, and are mature enough to ignore it and keep their eyes on the prize. It isn't always a negative relationship with the little brother though, sometimes the siblings get along very well and become an amazing team, that can do things neither of them could ever do alone. The older sibling has grown up enough to realize that kills, CS, and recognition are not the most important things in life, and they are willing to spoil the little brother without any complaint. Since they are chill natured, the champions they play usually have fun components to them like big AOE stuns, or knockups or even game changing global heals. They don't help out dad too much, only on very special occasions... but they do help mom when she needs them to. As previously stated, they usually have a mature outlook on life, and they stay focused on becoming successful and winning the game. In conclusion ... As in real life, we all have problems and issues in our family, but we are a family. We all want the same goal and that is to be happy (winning the game). I hope you enjoyed this =) . Thanks!
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