So now with the new LeaverBuster system warning for any dc's, can we get East Coast ping fix plz?

Hi, I live on the East Coast and experience pings from ~90-120 on most weekdays, and on weekends it is averaged about about 115-150 (rare but I see it from time to time). The last match that I was in, there was a huge ping spike (as what usually happens for East Coast LoL gamers) and it was a long enough delay that I disconnected for around 30 seconds. It happened every couple minutes. Finished the game and logged for the day. I came back and was presented with a LeaverBuster Warning. I've gotten a warning before in the old system, but that took at least 5+ games and all of them were legitimate leaves (mis-calculated time I would have to play, thunderstorm, power outage, internet breaks, and a rage quit when I was first starting league) Please Riot, if you are going to use this new LeaverBuster system, account for those ping delays and unavoidable disconnects from us on the East Coast. This new system only proves your need to address the East Coast properly besides just words and false hope (ie that "relocating servers" discussion thread 2 months ago). DollaMenuaire > In that thread Lyte said "Unless leaver buster is enabled, the connection issues are on YOUR end" I'm not saying to relocate to the middle of the US and say it's fixed. You then have the same problem for the West coast. I don't really see why there can't be a server region selection similar to Dota 2. If not that, then at least have it try to pair us up with people to a server near our region automatically via matchmaker. Would benefit all regions of the US. tl;dr version - new LeaverBuster system poses a risk to East Coast players
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