So in my short time here, I've picked this up from this board:

Sweetheart Annie just wants everyone to be friends. What a nice person! TheCurator is a moderator that interacts with the platform to offer some insight on rules? I think that's why he's green. Lajneen keeps it real and I respect that. Enosense has a witty comeback for everything, which makes him pretty entertaining Neurosurgeonwolf is just the friendly neighborhood gay that everyone buys baked goods from. He cracks me up! Jamaree is the guy who you ask about any new game because he's got the inside scoop when you need it! IAintDarius...well he isn't Darius. Hackulator is a hacked calculator? I am not sure. Haunt is that goofy fun loving kid everyone likes because all he does is meme meme meme no matter what Stephanie Stone is that rebel without a cause, the teenager that goes against the grain just because she can. She will probably be starring in Breakfast Club 2! ChaoticBanana is obsessed with Link Challenger Nid is the really super friendly guy who is too nice for his own good sometimes (her maybe? I'm not sure, sorry..) League of Ori is League of Ori. Command: Ori I know I'm missing a few and I've enjoyed reading some of the material you guys put out. I like this place, I think i will stick around!
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