Yesterday i failed and today i was supposed not to...animu/waifu thread btw

make this thread cause you know, i said something about it a few days ago but meh, some times things dont go as planned, w/e first image is a swimsuit so dw i know that swimsuit design because i've seen it lots of times now good thing today they cancelled a few things so i have some extra time to post this, bless w/e, i finished Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei(The irregular at magic high school), it was more enjoyable than expected except for the part where the sis its in love with bro-san, but since only that red %%% is in love with sis-chan im ok with bro-san X Sis-chan ship ¯\\\_(惄)_/¯ Fuck the red bro, i hated him since i saw him and i dont even know why, maybe its bacause he looks a lot like Suzaku from Code Geass and well fuck Suzaku too, now add the title "Crimson Prince" and fuck, i hope Sis-chan never loves him and he ends up dying or something like that ahhhh and now i guess ill just have to wait for the movie and a second season to see what happens, its going to be k i guess music, yup as always I still remember who posted this one and some ESQUARIA love, yeah they have good songs i even found LOCO MAGIC, one of my fav esquaria songs tbh
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