A GD Eulogy

Great Father Below, We gather here today to relish in the agony and desperation of the pained cries of the lost Their journey through GD on the endless rivers must come to an end but let not their souls be forever lost in the abyss and instead let their memories live on through each of us as literal pillars of the community. Let us also remember that death is the way of progression and that all terrible things must come to an end if a far worse, more disgusting thing is to rise in it's savory ashes. Let not the Death of a generation of shitposting be the end. With the blessings of the damned, let our conquest of Miscellaneous usher in a new age of advanced shitposting; shitposting that corrupts the very front pages of the boards and signal a dawn of a new era of GD. We say these things with great contempt for each other and humanity. Let it be so.
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