Top lane quinn is completely unfair

If you're playing a melee champion into quinn top you get zoned off of XP and farm and are forced to basically afk under turret. If you attempt to trade with quinn she just right clicks on you, throws out the blind so you don't even know what the hell you're doing, procs the passive on you and just chunks you for free. You're behind in farm, still taking poke from the turret, and if your jungler doesn't even gank for you you're screwed. Quinn doesn't even need teleport. She can get away with taking ignite and STILL have a global presence because of her ult. Her ult has 0 limitations and she can use it and go where-ever she wants to pick up kills and get ahead, meanwhile you're just trying to catch up in top. Try to take the turret after killing her? Think you can stay a little longer because she has no teleport? Nope. Why has there been nothing done to make laning against her not the worst thing ever? Nothing to fix her oppressive map presence? This is a champion that gets to hard counter melee champs in lane and ALSO get unlimited roaming tools, and a blind, and a slow for ganks. For all the patches we've had since the marksman patch, and not one of them along the lines of "quinn ult now drains mana", "quinn blind cooldown increased"? I barely ever see her in game, but when I do it's always the most obnoxious experience ever -___- Am I j'es a newbie? Is there some trick here I'm missing where a melee champ can ACTUALLY 1v1 a quinn and get ahead? Am I just koo koo for cocoa puffs?
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