MMR Boosting Suspension - Are Riot Games 100% accurate in their investigations

MMR Boosting Suspension
So. received this email yesterday. See below for my reply and riots reply. Doesn't seem quite right? Myself: Good Morning Helpdesk Please assist. I received the two following mails (see attached) notifying my that my account has been suspended for MMR boosting. I am really, really intrigued
Hello All, First things first. Yes I have been accused and suspended for 'MMR Boosting' as of the 14/12/2016. The discussion I would like to start, are Riot 100% accurate in their findings? As I am 100% certain of my innocence. FYI. I am not creating this post to arm a pitch forked march against the riot support team but would like some genuine polite comments on people’s thoughts and suggestions. The current back log of this issue can be found under this previous post: The last update from Riot detailed this: > **Hello there, > Like I've mentioned before we won't be able to provide you more information about this but I can assure you that the suspension placed on your account is accurate. In our previous answers, you can find full context of our actions. Unfortunately, I exhausted the amount of information I could share in this case, therefore I’m closing this ticket. > You are free to make another ticket regarding other aspects of the game but we won't talk about this suspension anymore. Another comment on riots 100% certainty: > > I've gone ahead and double checked the situation and I'm afraid that we are 100% certain of our claim. Thus we will not be removing the suspension, nor will we be adding back the season rewards. Also, due to security reasons, I am unable to provide you with any information regarding the means or time of detection. > This decision is final and we consider the matter closed.** > ** My New ticket: > Dear riot support I understand your position but I am also 100% sure and accurate that this have never happened on my account. When looking at any accurate and legitimate way of dealing with a situation when both sides of the argument are 100% sure about their position - it would be inappropriate and extremely unfair if Riot Games were to make a decision based solely of what you think is correct without any way of me defending myself - thus I do not understand why are you taking this stance. > I have never experienced - when dealing with any dispute over anything - an offensive stance such as Riot Games in my current situation. Could you confirm with me that my word or my own experience and my arguments are nothing and your decisions can be based solely on whatever you think is standing behind your version of the story? > Thanks, Cameron Leatherbarrow** I would like all of the communities input on this. Are Riot correct in their actions, in sense that they are 100% certain of my ban in their opinions ? Should I at least be given the chance to defend myself? I have worked extremely hard at this game in previous years and would like to think I have contributed my fair share in micro transactions to help the future development of this game. Should we as customers be treated in this way? Thank you all for reading and looking forward for your responses (I will update you all when riot have replied to my latest ticket) Supporting Reddit Post : ****_UPDATE Hello Cameron, Please note we cannot disclose any info regarding the investigation as doing so may compromise further ones. However, we did investigate your case thoroughly and our decision will not be reversed. Thank you for your understanding in advance. Regards, Alpharius13 Player Support Specialist _ They also resolved my ticket so no further comments could be made. Absolutely disgusting.
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