Friday is a great day because animu/waifu thread

Great day indeed, i finished working on my pc setup and i must say its nice Lets talk about Mahoutsukai no Yome (The Ancient Magus' Bride), PV first great PV huh? milotic btw well first OVA was nice imo, really interesting + good visuals, is has a nice magic atmosphere and character backgrounds are going to be really interesting as far as i can see, its more plot than "plot" which is nothing new for this kind on animus since their objective is immerse the viewer into a nice calm, amazing and interesting world Give it a try if you have time but dont expect something absolutely amazing from the first OVA since its something more like a little character and world intro Also i still haven watched Kimi no na wa but im fucking dying right no since i got some fancy shit just to watch animu :^) Music
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