What do you want out of Season 7?

We're about half way done with season 6 now, so I think it's a decent time to ask this. I'm J'es curious about the communities opinion on what can be done to improve league of legends, or make it more fun or more competitive, etc. For me, here's a list of things I would love to see in season 7. I know it may not be REALISTIC but in a perfect world, ideally in my mind this is what would make league a better game: 1. **Stealth wards making a comeback**. I think being forced to rely on a CD based trinket, and your supports doing most of the warding for you is really stupid, especially in a solo queue environment where you can't really depend on that anyway (which is even more true in low elo). Right now, a lot of the time I find myself having to gamble based off of what I DON'T see on the map. Let's say for instance the enemy team was last seen mid, dragon is up, and i'm split pushing top. They're either coming for me or going to dragon, I don't have any reliable way to know either way because i don't get to place enough vision to get a better idea of what's going on around the map. So either i take a risk and keep pushing assuming they are going for an objective, or i walk away thinking i'm getting ganked, only to realize they DID take dragon and I've wasted valuable time that could've been spent continuing to pressure the lane. It would be a very nice tool for making more informed decisions throughout the game. 2. **DPS across the board needs to be toned down, in particular burst damage**. Right now league is in such a state with it's damage that looking away for a single second can cost you your life, even if it's a 1v1 scenario. I don't believe this is healthy for gameplay, as it reduces the amount of time you have in a fight to micro or outplay somebody. With death timers being as long as they are now I think it's all the more reason to give players more potential to do something in an engagement. If you're a mage, or an ADC, or anything other than a tank or bruiser, you pretty much die in 2-hits, even to tanks. 3. **Rework or remove homeguards from the game**. At least in season 5 homeguards was an INVESTMENT, it may not have been a very high investment, but you were paying hard earned gold for this buff, and slowing down your main build for it. I don't like how riot has decided it's better design to j'es give everyone a FREE buff @ the 20 minute mark. Alongside the shorter death timers in the mid-game it can make it a little bit harder to exploit kills for objectives, because obviously once the enemy team spawns they have this buff that allows them to defend their base much easier than if they hadn't had it. This buff existing the way it does probably has a bigger impact on why death timers get longer and longer. You must balance out this absurd defenders advantage everyone gets. Like imo it should at least be tested and played around with on the PBE, just league of legends without homeguards, or a homeguards you need to go OUT OF YOUR WAY to get. 4. **No more free XP boost @ the X minute mark**. IDC if it's there to help players that fell behind, it's stupid. League of legends is all about maintaining your XP and farm, and this crap undermines that. 5. **Make laning feel more significant, tone down jungle objectives**. Pretty much every game now is a game of who had the better jungler. Most of the time you can't ever take a dragon, rift herald, or baron without them. Some junglers in solo queue are j'es gonna die over and over, or decide in their minds that farming raptors instead of rushing dragon after killing the bot lane is a better strategic decision. I guess the bigger picture here is to benefit the individual more, and make them less reliant on teammates to win their games. Even when you're ahead in this game, actually getting value out of that advantage comes down to how your other teammates are doing. If you're top and win hard, but mid and bot have somethin' like 0 kills and 5 deaths you're almost always gonna lose to the team that's got more winning lanes than yours. Part of the problem is how much more important baron and dragon is in this meta. I think kills should benefit you more, like give you more XP or somethin', I think riot even nerfed the amount of XP you get from kills recently. They nerfed the amount of XP non-junglers receive from takin' camps, so if you're a tryndamere that destroys the enemy teams tier 1 and starts taking their jungle camps @ the top side you're benefitin' a hell of a lot less than you did in season 5. Originally it was done because of lvl 2 cheese, but like..idk increase the amount of XP you get from jungle camps @ the X minute mark or somethin', if Riot really hates the lvl 2 cheese that much. 6. **I think pretty much everyone in the world can agree on this: CALM DOWN, WITH THE FLIPPIN' CREEP BLOCK**! Nothin' much to say here, it makes the game feel clunky, and it really fucks with a melee champs interaction in lane. Nothin' feels more cheap in this game than dying LITERALLY JUST BECAUSE YOU GOT TRAPPED BETWEEN CREEPS! 7. **Fix the XP disparity between supports and everyone else**. Been a complaint for a while now. The ward XP change is a step in the right direction, but supports a lotta the time have to roam to get stuff done around the map. Bein' the lowest level in the room really hurts your ability to help your team. One last thing: 8. **I don't know how, but do SOMETHING about the cancerous nature of melee vs ranged in the laning phase**. It's anti-fun to be pushed to your tower without any real way to respond on your own just because someone is ranged. That about covers my thoughts. YO TURN NOW! Oh and plz excuse the weird numbered organization, I can only stand 1 paragraph being so long and the numbers reset if there's an unordered paragraph between the different points.
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