Story time with Jamaree: I got to go home early since a customer "assaulted me"

So, I work at Gamestop, like my job, still have to daily explain to at least one parent a day between the 3 kinds of DSes and the 8 of those types of them, but whatever, but today...was a thing. So, working, kind of slow day, I mean it is a Thursday, normally Friday thru Sunday is when it picks up and things happen, but we still have a customer trickle in every once in a while. Just me and the boss there, so I'm organizing the games so they are properly organized, you know, trying to make it easier on people while I wait for something to actually do. Then, in comes the woman. Slightly hefty mother, stomping in, visible anger on her face comes right up to me and demands my attention, which I'm happy to give, once again, what I do. So she starts shouting, holding up the game Fallout 4 in her hand, waving it about and shouting about how the stupid game won't work on her son's console. I nod, take the game, put it in our test console, everything works a ok, take it out, look at the disc, not a scratch on it, still not sure what the problem is. All the while, the mother is glaring daggers at me, pulling a bottle of water from her bag and starts drinking. It takes me a bit but then I ask what system her son happens to own. She sighs, and I can visibly see her strain to remember before she blurts out xbox. The game was for PS4. Ok, here is where I slightly messed up and likely could have saved myself had I worded it better. I said "I'm sorry ma'am, but this game won't work." and then I paused and reached into the desk to start looking for the proper thing to show her, which was once again, partly my fault, because then she really blew up. Started calling me an idiot, a moron, pointing to how it clearly just worked on this one, etc etc, no racial slurs, but a fuck here, a dipshit there, as it goes right. I didn't even get a chance to interject really, and then she jutted her open bottle of water at me, then threw the container and stormed out. My boss happened to come out from the back during the tirade, didn't get a chance to say anything and just watched as the woman left. We both look at each other, he makes sure I'm ok, I shrug not really pissed, I mean it was just water after all so it isn't like it is hard to clean or get out or leaves an odor, so I shrugged it off. He told me I could go home early even though I said I was fine and did have a change of clothes (I bring 2 to 3 extra shirts to work since I know I sweat easily when I rush and don't want to be stinky or gross.) but he insisted I went home especially since she left the game there and would likely be back. So yeah...that was...a thing.
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