If i had to take a Guess at the new "Project Skin" hype..

My guess is the Picture leaked in the LCS stream was {{champion:98}}, Securing Top lane... The current one is either {{champion:5}} or {{champion:11}}, But favoring Xin because Yi does not have the natural stance to pull that picture off, However, The Eyes favor Yi Immensly.. For the ADC... i'd guess {{champion:236}}, Purely for the fact that he already has the base kit that would be perfect for a Project Skin, Also, he has a lack of skins.. For the support though.. Its a bit Difficult.. I'm still going to fully cement my foot in {{champion:89}} though, Considering theres already been a few fan-drawings of Project Leona.. And you know.. Riot just cant let that go... However, i could be wrong and it could be like the BloodMoon skin set where they'll make more than 5 in the set... {{champion:26}}
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