Irelia is a "ball of stats" champion that should never be allowed to be strong.

What does being a "ball of stats" champion imply? It implies the champion doesn't require skill to play, they just need to have more stats than whoever they are against and then they point and click and win. Irelia fits this idea completely. Her stats outscale whoever she is laning against very quickly. So quickly that if she doesn't die before her first recall that is enough to outscale almost anyone she lanes against. She can return to lane and immediately jump on them and right click and they will die. She's too strong for how simple her kit is. She's the epitome of click on enemy to dive and and win as long as your stats are superior no outplaying required. When laning against Irelia, the burden of outplaying is always on her opponent, not on her. She "outplays" her opponent by not dying and waiting until the moment she has better stats and outscales whoever she's against which usually happens by the 1st or 2nd recall. Since Irelia's opponent has to harass and kill her early on to win he has to push the wave and show aggression which leaves him open to being ganked. If you die to Irelia a single time she's automatically ahead and you are no longer allowed to CS. If Irelia dies to you it just takes a little longer for her to reach her outscaling point. She doesn't have to earn her power it just happens from not dying early it's too easy for how strong she is. She needs nerfs until she is reworked. She should be bottom tier like poppy until the rework arrives.
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