[Zen Rants] Why i Hate P2P MMO's.

So, Let me start by saying, I have bought FF14, Gotten to like lvl18, Got to the Free Trial limit, Then decided it was worth buying a 2 month sub fee.. Now, First of all... When it comes to P2P Games, There must be good Content. A good example of whats LACKING content is WoW. Lets start by just gettin into the whole character creation.. Assuming you have all DLC, You get 13 races, And assuming youre a new player who Didnt pay for the free lvl100 boost (Which i find is BULLSHIT btw), 10 classes. (Because you need a lvl 55 non-hero class to unlock death knight) Ofcoarse you know, Gotta milk that 30 days as much as you can, So you wait till the first of a month, Buy the game, Then binge on it like weebs binge on anime. Only to get to that precious lvl 54, Then get that dreaded "This account isnt subscribed" message, So you dish out like 14 more bucks to play another month.. Only to find out you can buy awesome mounts, So you decide to downgrade from Premium diner food to Subway, And buy yourself that Iron Skyreaver because you aint no bitch and you aint riding some bitchass horse, youre riding a 2 headed dragon wreathed with iron and causing terror across the land, Only to find out, upon the shop screen, You can buy some punk-ass dog that brings you ale from the finest breweries in.. Er, whatever their world is called... And then you decided that McDonalds isnt a bad place, Shell out a few more bucks to get that Delux Digital pack, Which gives you all this shit, And a Hearthstone pack, So you get Hearthstone, and you start paying for that.. And soon, The popup happens again, You shell out 77 dollars for half a year, And downgrade to Ramen and Canned Chicken.. And Then, as soon as you know it, You got 84 lvl 100 characters across 20 different accounts, All mounts, armor, pets, and max faction whatever with each character.. And you're living with you Mom and Dad, Eating Hotpockets and shitting into used dinner trays.
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