Can we show a little love for the boards team? Moving to boards was really tough. Most of the GD regulars hated it. The majority left to start their own message boards. The popularity of boards vs the old forum was night and day for quite some time. The level of gameplay knowledge and discussion feel by a great degree as well. We've even had some issues with moderation from time to time. But now it's really come together. Moving G+B to the top of the index and renaming it 'Gameplay' really helped increase the traffic it seems. Look at the 'New' section on Gameplay. It's nearly as fast as r/lol's New section. Also the level of conversation over there has greatly increased as well. Changing the upvote system to not reflect old GD's thread upvoting rather than reddit's style was a very good choice as well. I think the main issue with the moderation and rules of GD were clarity among everyone. For the past couple of months now, it seems like we're all very clear on what can and can't be posted. Which is amazing to say the least. The fact that the mods recognized political discussion in society was becoming hostile and opening it up on GD was a good move. It's a volatile time in American history where two sides don't particularly understand one another and the mods have facilitated discussion for us rather than forcing silence. Even if it does turn uncivil there are important topics and different viewpoints worth considering that come out of each discussion. So overall I think the mods have done a great job with political discussion and have done very well evolving the rules to meet the needs of that discussion. So, I just figured it's about to we recognized the mods and the programmers who've worked really hard on this message board and despite the nay-sayers like myself, they've turned it into a really successful project. So kudos to them and thanks!
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