Rewatching old champion spotlights is both hysterical and depressing. Not only was that build complete garbage compared to the AP build, but the total gutting of her ult that took place later on is probably one of the most heartbreaking things I've ever gone though in my time playing this game. I LOVED Eve when I first started playing, but I can't play this current incarnation at all. Its so disappointing and soulless. Going even older... Those runes. That old TT map. That AD build. The enemy akali with Frozen Mallet. Overall, its still funny how little Akali has changed since she was added. That troll jungle attempt with ignite. I also find it disappointing he didn't try to use an actual game instead of some crappy 2v2, and also how hard he tried to make Cass look at least somewhat good, despite from what I remember at the time, the general consensus on Cass being that she was really, really bad. Never mind that really sad rune build, Dodge seals. URRRRRK. The days of watching the enemy get way with 2 hp because of wonder dodge. I liked this one because they really tried to make Leona look like she could lay on some hurt, when she really just tickled a lot outside of eclipse's active. I also took this one to heart back in the day building frozen mallet constantly on her. I tried looking for Karmas old spotlight, but they threw it out . Im really disappointed. Theres also a lot of old neat stuff I've probably missed mentioning, but its like, 3 a here in Philly. I remember being so hyped for every new release, and every new update. I remember running home during my senior year in high school because I wanted to play with my friends. That bright eyed 17 year old boy has turned 23 and sour, dreading every new update that comes across because it doesn't balance the game, it just shifts the power to a new champion to abuse. Maybe it did the same back then, I was just too busy having fun with my friends to really take notice. I miss looking forward to the new spotlights and following them almost to the letter because I was only 800 ELO during season 1 and I was looking for any small thing to get an edge. I miss when pro play was disorganized and not so predominant and forced as it is today. Im so tired of hearing about what jack wagon LCS pro has done to break a champion into a solo queue god or seeing their faces plastered all over the client. This is obviously a low issue in the grand scheme of the world, but I really miss having the amount of fun with this game that I once did. How far we have fallen.
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