Watching someone jungle in Bronze

Guy picks Fizz jungle but is going full AP. Lux gets caught warding the enemy jungle and retreats to her tower but almost dies. Fizz went to help her for some reason and tried to fight. Almost dies. The Varus flashes in to heal to save him. Fizz then has to go back and does get to blue until the 2:30 mark. Varus doesn't leash because he doesn't want to lose minions after he used his summoners to save a stupid teammate. The Sona leashes. Fizz could barely clear blue with Sona's help and had to recall after blue. Spends the rest of the game bitching that nobody helped him and how he was never going to help the Varus or Sona. Bronze at its finest. Picks a jungler that can't kill blue without help and whines the entire game when he ended up being useless.
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