Please don't give Lee Sin an ultimate skin

Come here brothers and sisters, let's reunite and pray to God (or maybe Teemo) that Lee Sin does not really get an ultimate skin. This champ has been in the spotlight for way too long, seeing plays in almost every pro plays. He doesn't need a skin that will increase his popularity even further to the point he's played in 150% of game. Yes i do expect seeing mirror Lee Sin picks even in draft. I'm already sick of the Elementarded Lux everywhere, please stop giving stuff to one of the worst cancer of this game. I don't want to start seeing pro Lee Sin on the enemy team, they're very frustrating to deal against. I don't want to see noob Lee Sin on my team, they're the very worst. At the very least delay the skin release date AFTER you give us 5 bans per team so i can keep this undesired growth away from my games.
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